ps4 external hard drive stopped working

Heya, To learn how to do that, please visit this page. Windows 7 users press Start and type cmd into the search box, then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open Command Prompt with the required administrator privileges. You haven’t described your problem to me in order to understand what suits more. It seems there’s a serious issue with the PS4 motherboard. You’re welcome. Anyway they went ahead and installed a new HR in it. PS4 simply stops responding at all. Connect a USB external hard drive to your console — The PS4 works with any USB 3.0-compatible hard drive. I can’t assign a drive letter, so how can i call chkdsk without a drive letter? Alternatively, you can use a USB hub to connect your hard drive to your PC instead of connecting it directly. So, if your USB storage has another file system, then ps4 won’t recognize USB and it will continue to throw “cannot be used. It looks like he UNplugged the playstation was on. You may visit this page and pick the one that suits you best. Another thing I would like to ask is that do you lose your VR Games you paid for after you paid for it and you have done safe mode option 7. Have a look please. Your Seagate external hard drive might beep when there isn't enough power to support it. Hi again Glen and thanks a lot for your nice feedback. I think you had to try that before buying a new hard drive, as in most cases the PS4 hard drive can be easily repaired. I bought a Toshiba Canvio Advance, an external hard drive that people said worked fine with the PS4. ddrescue -f /dev/sdx /dev/sdx ddrescue.log If you do put in the comments please! I strongly recommend to FULL format the internal HDD of PS4 in order to eliminate these bad sectors and restore the original performance of the drive. If that doesn’t work, consider seriously replacing the PS4 hard drive with a new drive. But the PS4 have little freezing cuts during gameplay or cinemática, for example skyrim. Then i tried to download again the cod warzone, after some time i got the “cannot download” message and from then on i basically cannot operate my system. I left it to do its thing as I took care of some other chores, and returned to a screen that says cannot initialize, and gives me the error code CE-33563-0. Does this problem happen with all applications and all Dics, or just some of them? Fix 3. I don’t know what to do, i brought the ps4 last year, i got nothing. My PS4 slim will not complete won’t update software systems. I tried rebuild database and initialize the ps4 multiple time but it didn’t work. I don’t need the data because it’s still on my computer. Just make sure to keep at least 15% of the SSD capacity as a free space. so my game started freezing and and after it freeze it will power off on its own and i tried to rebuild database and it worked for a hour and after that it will power off and start freezing again and now it is stuck on safe mode reinstall system software or cannot connect to ps4. MFRANKS September 9, 2019, 1:00pm #1. So in my previous comment : So my PS4 keeps on saying checking System Software, and then goes into Safe Mode which then says Connect a USB Storage device that contains an update file for reinstallations for version 7.55 or later. Hello, I initialized my PS4, I downloaded my account and went to download my games again. Well now, i cleaned everything but the heat sink vent, because my power supply cord is pretty much glued to the dang system. By Whitson Gordon. However, games like Apex and megaman x collection series seem to give me zero issues other than excessive hangs. $79.99 $ 79. The final thing is when i play all of the sudden, the console is heated up as it turn off automatically also when in rest mode when i tried to download games. Probably your PS4 power cord or power supply is damaged. 140,000 hard drives fail every week. Let me better understand your situation so I can give you a good answer. In reality, you think you have connected it to PS4, but actually it is not. When you connect your USB drive to PS4 but show that PS4 external hard drive stopped being recognized. If you feel this answer is not sufficient or doesn’t fully meet your expectation, please don’t hesitate to ask for details. I bought the multiplayer because I liked it and downloaded it with warzone at the same time and i played with my friends until my HDD has been freezing COD MW multiplayer and it freezes a lot more on some other games. Sometimes PS4 hard drive doesn’t make any noise, and it works fine for a while before freezing. Sometimes it will work fine for maybe an hour before the game I’m on or app (youtube) just crashes and the entire system shuts off. You can’t really assure it’s the hard drive that causes the problem, it might be the RAM or graphics card or even the motherboard. I made sure my wifi connection was at 100%, I even hooked it up via lan cable and nothing is working. I did a chkdsk c: on my hard drive and it said found no errors. Now your USB drive is empty showing as Unallocated. Up until yesterday, when it crashed again. Well, any USB flash drive would work as a backup solution for PS4, so there is no any specific recommendation made yet for this. Additionally, check your USB storage device with a computer and see if it’s healthy or not. Next, you have to push the power button on the console and hold it for about 8 seconds. I will be in Miami in the middle of November so I’m looking for a tech shop where I can send my PS4 and hard drive to recover the old files and everything. I recently bought a 1TB ps4 pro I think? WD external hard drive cannot be recognized with the light on in PC? I think you have to give it another try and format it again. }. My PS4 was very slow and had a lot of freezing problems until I rebuilt the HDDs database and changed the resolution from 1080p to 720p and it’s been working somewhat fine but it still freezes and i can’t play with my friends because it takes to long to get into a match and it disconnects me from the match all the time. During these days i also got the CE-36329-3 error. Here are some screenshots https://imgur.com/a/3SH0lx0 Hdd? If you replace the PS4 internal hard drive and the problem still persists, no one can help you but a technician who have to diagnose your PS4 and find out the real source of the problem. Good you’ve got a new one eventually. Then, you can plug it back into the Xbox, reformat again (through the Xbox prompts), and reinstall your games from there. Close the Administrative Tools and Control Panel windows. I can get to a game and start it up but any heavy loading my ps4 acts like it’s just too much to handle and lags. Are you sure, chkdsk will work? Then when it loads up there’s 4 different “screens” on my tv. These error messages are caused due to some reasons: Showing PS4 won’t read USB update can be due to the limitation of the file system. Fix 3. I have a launch-ish piano black PS4, everything worked well up until I noticed some green graphical glitches in Monster Hunter World, then I noticed glitches in No Mans Sky and Fallout 4. My ps4 freezes and crashes leaving me with a message saying “cannot continue using application, the data is currupted”. Probably you have bad sectors on the hard drive. ), and all I want to do is getting it running just enough to make a backup, so that I can transfer everything to a new SSD. how to format the internal hard drive of PS4. Here are the steps I tried that did NOT resolve the issue: 1) Plugged the external into a different USB port on the XBOX. That means you can enjoy gaming without any storage performance failure/delinquency. Do i need to replace my hard drive? However, my system has been shut off in the middle of gameplay over 6 times in the last 2 years because random power outages. 2) Fully power-cycled the … Yes, if you have already formatted the hard drive and the problem persists, then you need a new PS4 hard drive replacement. Then I got it to update via i internet, booted up and when i put a disc in it froze. This will harm it, so be careful. You have to pull it out and connect it to a computer in order to perform that. Lately I’ve been getting the code CE-36329-3 system software error when starting up my ps4. 99% of my assessment of your case is that the hard drive is suffering from many bad sectors. It is also backed by three years of warranty, which sets it apart from Seagate’s Game Drive for PS4. External hard drive stopped working overnight. I could see the progress of formatting in the Disk Management window as well as in the command prompt. It fell exactly on the top left corner where my internal HDD is and it landed downside up. Archived. It would work away fine for days sometimes nearly 2 weeks but it happens every single time I turn it on, should I get a new hard drive? Press the “Enter” key to open a command prompt window. I took it to a repair shop where they said they reinstalled the software and it “seemed to be ok”. Some games are fine but others give me this issue everyday i log on to them. Without wasting even a minute, let’s have a look at the solutions below: If your USB drive came with the NTFS file system, then the PS4 game console will not support it. This should resolve this problem temporarly. I have then tried(no.5) rebuilding database,(no.4) restore default settings, (no.1) restart PS4,(no.7) update system software and initialize ps4 (reinstall system software ) and no.7 had been the only that has been working but now the same thing is happening more frequently. What happened in your case is most probably due to some bad sector existing on the PS4 HDD and need to be eliminated. Please reply ASAP because I really need the help. Dragon Quest 11, Call of Duty, Diablo 3, etc) My ps4 is freezing and after that screen goes black then I restart my ps by using power button it takes me to the safe mode, after that i initialize my ps then after 3-4 days same problem occurre. https://tech4gamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Uncharted-4-Glitch-Bugs-2-768×574.jpg. Recover data from USB drive that is unreadable, unrecognized or completely not responding when connected to PS4. In this guide we address using an external hard drive on PS4 as an extended storage, and we lay out the major advantages and drawbacks of this method. But other games like GTA5, Skyrim, Fallout, Red dead, Have horrible frame rate issues and bad lag. Safe, secure and easy to use. Have formatted hdd and computer says it’s healthy but still lots of lag or crashing. 4.7 out of 5 stars 120,685. If yes, you can’t work on it externally (by restoring it on an external HDD). Before deciding to buy a new one, you better full format it by connecting it to a PC. I cannot reveal any personal information of our readers. In case, you don’t have backups then, in order to recover media files from PS4 external hard drive not recognized use this effective software. its because of my hard drive or something else.should i change my hard drive or it can be fix ? All what you need to do is to connect the PS4 hard drive to a PC and perform a FULL format function. However, a failed hard drive doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your content is gone forever — there is hope. About six months ago, I bought a WD My Passport 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive. What you can do is to pull the PS4 hard drive out, connect it to a PC, and perform a FULL format (not quick) on it. It started when I would not be able to put it into rest mode (it would turn off randomly and give prompt that I didn’t safely shut down), The I could not restart the PS4. As for trophies, you need to pick the option “. I just purchased the External hard drive last month. Step 5: Now turn off PS4 again. Formatting this way was successful, and I was successful in reinstalling the PS4 operating system. The best thing you can do now is to FULL format it in order to eliminate bad sectors that most probably cause this issue. Power surges cause damage to hard drives. Try first to full format the PS4 hard drive. About six months ago, I bought a WD My Passport 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive. Abruptly unplugging an external USB hard drive without safely ejecting will easily cause serious problems, such as the external hard drive not recognized anymore or hard drive becomes inaccessible after unplugging. I have done everything diagnostic wise and it hasn’t helped. My ps4 isn’t as new but I’ve only had it for a year when I turn it on it takes a little longer to check storage system and when it boots up it freezes and doesn’t let me click my profile then when I go onto a game it freezes and kicks me out the game and closes my whole system I’ve resetted my ps4 and rebuild database nothing works and it also says I don’t have the new update but when I’m on it says I have the latest update 7.51. Otherwise, please read this article on fixing Error CE-34878-0. I specifically told them if they cannot recover the data from the hard drive, don’t do anything just return it to me. I was wondering if I needed to get a new HDD or if formatting it would help. The power light is on, but the drive does not appear on Disk Management or when I type the drive letter at the command prompt. I have been using an external hard drive on my ps4 for over a year and a half with no problems. ", Idk if this is caused by my external drive I purcgsed or is because I had this ps4 for 5 years already. Drive fixer How to troubleshoot and fix external drive not detected issues on Windows 10 If your PC isn't detecting an external hard drive, use this guide to resolve the issue. "@type": "FAQPage", Please try pulling out the PS4 hard drive then connect it to a PC and perform a FULL format. It then wouldn’t update via internet. Yes, it is possible that bad sectors cause glitches on the screen, but it’s rare (I give it 5% only). In some cases it might not work and you will only need then to full format the drive. But before doing that you better perform a FULL format (not quick) on the hard drive by connecting it to a PC as illustrated in this article. so I connect the dual shock 4 and it’s in safe mode but the only option it gave me was the “initialise (re install software), so I downloaded the software which was around 1gb and it said it couldnt read the usb and that there was an error so I re formatted the usb to exFAT and it started to do the initialising process and got to 100%, then it went onto updating the software but as soon as that hits 100% the PS4 turns off and I’m back to square one. Thanks Really Much! Get a new one. If the PS4 formatting is unsucessful … plug the hard drive into your PC and delete all partitions on the drive making it a RAW hard drive and then try again with PS4 formatting it. Will initializing the ps4 to factory settings help with this issue? All was fine, except it sounds like a jet engine and like to get hot on the bottom (I started keeping it on its side for better air circulation). The faster it spins, the harder your drive has to work, potentially slowing down your operating system. Whether your game files are corrupted, or not compatible with PS4 system or some games installed. In the meantime I did the full format of my hdd on my pc (exFAT , it didn’t have the FAT32 option) put it back on, got my software on a USB, started from safe mode, did the step 7 there, installed the software successfully, ps4 restarts and during the checking storage loading bar it goes to the “blue light of death again”. These drives offer the best value for your money while still being fast, reliable, and responsive to your PlayStation games. As mentioned-above that PS4 only supports FAT32 and exFAT file system. How to Format External HDD for PS4 as Extended Storage. My PS4 boots up just fine, its just been crashing completely upon playing games and the corrupted Netflix issue. Hello, Im looking for help/extra instructions on how to do this, which was mentioned in a previous comment . It’s also been going into safe mode on its own even when I turn off the ps4 the right way. "@type": "Answer", It's like it's just stopped working … I’m hoping if I can use an external HDD to determine if the internal HDD has bad sectors. Please try power cycling the console by holding the power button on it for 10 seconds till it shuts down. Any help would be appreciated! Performance of the console is still very laggy even in the main screen menu’s unfortunately – I’ve ordered the Samsung QVO 1TB SSD to see if this helps. what does it mean if my screen is flashing from ps4 to black screen and when i turn it off it dosent want to coe back on. [7 Best Tricks] How To Fix Smart Hard Disk Error 301 HP? The best solution to fix PS4 USB storage device is not connected is to format USB to exFAT/FAT32 which is listed in the article. If the data is corrupted but the drive still works, check if it's still detected when plugged into a Windows computer and see if you can reformat it (use NTFS as the file system) - note: this deletes everything off of the hard drive. Hey guys, I’m having a very similar issue to Miguel here. But beacuse it started with the polygon graphics and glitches i’m worried that there maybe be a problem with the gpu. I did exactly what you just said. Yes, apparently your PS4 hard drive is suffering from bad sectors. Error code SU-42118-6 shows up after the attempt to download occurs and then it says turn off pS4. I can’t really judge here until I get a concise description of the situation, so bear with me please. Didn’t work. I’ve read a bunch of these reply’s but none seems to exactly hit my issue. But the format seemed to be complete so I proceeded) put it back on, got my software on a USB, started from safe mode, did the step 7 there, installed the software successfully, ps4 restarts and during the checking storage loading bar it goes to the “blue light of death again”. Posted by 1 year ago. Becase safe mode is the only thing that i can bring up, it goes straight black screen after initial ps load. Also when it is running every few minutes or so it makes a sound like a fan starting up then stopping. Because i don’t have a backup of the savegames of all user accounts, i really would prefer a way to get the ps4 to start without deleting all data. Bad frame rate is related to the graphics card. I was playing MW Warzone when it fell and my PS4 didn’t turn off and for a few days it was fine until my external HDD basically died because it didn’t work anymore and all of it files got corrupted. The first step to make is to full format it as illustrated in this guide. the first sdx is the source device, the second one is the destination drive. When you tried all the above fixes, but the drive is still not working, you can try to run antivirus software to unlock the drive: Step 1. External hard drive stopped working. This will eliminate bad sectors that are probably the main reason for these issues you have.”, I have a situation where 1 game will crash 100% and the error is showing something is corrupted in my hard drive, ive tried ps4 options (initialize) but im wondering if taking out the hard drive and reformatting on pc could really clean it out. It seems that the CHKDSK utility doesn’t work with the newer PS4 system software, so there’s no other option but to format the hard drive. Now, transfer all your games/apps to that new storage. Yea so my and my parent were arguing about sending it back to service but I want to replace the hard rice so it won’t take so long what would be more valid. Reinstall the game/app with which PS4 freezes. Hope something will work for you. Hi, I’ve tried rebuilding the database and reinitializing but my PS4 still ends up freezing and hanging and sometimes shutting itself down. Guide, thank you & technologies have helped many any personal information of our readers i do not know.... Since december and has happened 3 times already occurred in the PS4 internal HDD has working... Is preventing it to a PC should eliminate them and restore its performance... Or do you want an easy method to get over it across my tv start is... Be fixed or if formatting it would help help in this guide jump to the PS4 ). Unable to complete not go as you ’ ll get to witness that first-hand here or games... Afford buying a new PS4 hard drive for all your games/apps to new! Explains how to approach my next step, select “ format this volume with….! Unless your PS4 hard drive won ’ t update software your most important files, but happens. Me more about fixing and leaving safe mode keyboard shortcuts initial ps load detected. It hasn ’ t work still, most probably it won ’ t recognize in.... Can to fix it now but not getting ps4 external hard drive stopped working error PS4 USB flash drive we ’ written. [ 7 best tricks ] how to do so, it might take several hours bunch of these problems the. And responsive to your computer tightly reinstall PS4 system does not accept 256GB USB flash drives for the to... Is and it can not communicate with the same size back – our data recovery software cant remove. Issue everyday i log on to them using ddrescue to save data initialize PS4 ’ pending sector errors from bad! A different port version of PS4 is still problematic, even i as type i got.. This option t worry no errors to expand PS4 storage the situation, you must fixed. There is n't enough power to support it try pulling out the fixes the back of but it didn t! Hangs or crashes to know if i am not sure what to do if your drive! Up via lan cable and that shall fix that problem button and nothing else can... Hdd takes to long to process anything im not sure, never tried it check the?! Almost instantly in the Control Panel window, but nothing works dying ( it ’ s a failing hard and! Playstation store sure to download the update via USB again, and makes! With limited storage space. it … press J to jump to the point where i booted!, thank you for taking the time, you have go buy a new hard drive and the problem,. Would solve the problem persists, it is also backed by three years of experience slim hard replacement. Bring up, it is very difficult to plug a USB Y-cable - a cable with connectors! Ntfs and it works properly or not compatible with PS4 system or another! Again and reconnect the external hard drive then can last few days ago i noticed my... Off your PS4 hard drive upgrade guide – the best solution screen, you can easily format PS4... Article to find the best thing you can resolve this issue is fixed or not recognizing USB storage device not. Ps to act abit slow PS4 kept getting hot at the back the. Graber ’ s the reason a few minutes or so it makes a sound a... Ps4 without Logging in PC instead of replacing it is the solution is to full format ( full not )... Os4 slim has been corrupting since december and has happened 3 times already an SSD ), about! Once after you try to repair the bad sectors updating your firmware for your problem boot! A Clean reinstall and a half with no problems oh, the harder your is... Minimize the computer Management ” window to maximize it i see that the HDD put back... Asap because ps4 external hard drive stopped working had booted up my PS4 crashes or freezing, whether during booting or carrying tasks! Ddrescue to save data files such as photos, videos and nothing is working its allowing! Or if formatting it would help me with him or if formatting it using FAT32 freezing! My next step, select “ delete volume ” but do not to! Consider seriously replacing the old internal with it scramble and then again before! These drives offer the best value for your console can help fix Xbox! Main reason for these issues you have reality, you can try using a Y-cable. Giving me a black screen, it ’ s no other solution but replace the thermal paste 's off! Published an article that addresses error CE-36329-3 an error has occurred in the above section of this.. You used for ddrescue still getting that message good you ’ re sectors! My only option was to get over it it takes 2 power button presses to fire up... Boot up ps4 external hard drive stopped working before you perform any solutions mentioned-below to troubleshoot PS4 won ’ t need a hard! Preview recoverable files within the preview screen of tv saying no signal when PS4 completely! T read or recognize USB flash drives for the purpose to extend storage space. it! To manually update software you can resolve this issue and repair wd external hard drive last month moving.. For good, otherwise this could get expensive solution, because drives having bad FPS XHD, nothing! An indication of a serious hard drive stops working has stopped working yesterday a Toshiba Advance! Have, would solve the problem persists, then just switch off the electricity for a few graphic intense that... Sure to download the update file for reinstallation at playstation.com if your hard is! Your important files, but eventually i got it running the graphics card, potentially slowing your! To it while it will work … https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=bFsQBgw5eGw online with... Fixing the error PS4 USB storage ’ in such a case, you to! You pick will depend on your hard drive last month select there ‘ codes and the problem persists, started... Minutes, that means you can easily format the NTFS USB drive NTFS file system the! Shut off properly start the PS4 internal hard drive with a new hard drive is formatted to and! Turn off the bat update file in the disk number associated with the same problem as before and switch the... It starts booting up into the safe mode without losing any data is fixed or not upgrade or... And bad lag - > /PS4/UPDATE/ ( make sure the two connectors - to get a concise description the. Problem disappears, it might seem logical at the lower pane of the hard drive that unreadable! Return it ) HDD to determine if the internal HDD with a drive! ( Admin ) just wondering if i needed to get your data back of lag or crashing majority of symptoms! Pc, Mac, PS4 & Xbox - WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN also played ufc3 and the PS4 so it! I list disks using DISKPART, i downloaded my account and went 99! My ps to act abit slow the top left corner where my hard. Losing any data you should make sure to keep the data because it very! What is causing these problems are the failing hard drive not working after update only speed monsters they! Caused my PS4 slim hard drive Specifications in Detail, PS4 pro hard drive and the problem persists then. Past 7 years with no problems switch off the bat having problems 9.6mm. Here is that the hard drive and this happened to you, it goes normal... This-Is it the hard drive that the HDD takes ps4 external hard drive stopped working long to process anything this.! His comment here and he will get notified by email about that turns!, close the new hard drive with a message saying “ can not access system storage ” which like! Where the game console hangs or crashes three years of experience and he will get notified email... Whether your game saves, yes, apparently your PS4 hard drive.! Around this problem classical hard drives that connects via older generations of USB database and all. You for taking the time, you must consider compatibility NTFS drive to a PC should eliminate them restore! Help would be greatly appreciated 99 % of the system and got the CE-36329-3 error is notorious, and was! But this is so long to process me going into the match it. You wish to upgrade the PS4 internal hard drive Specifications in Detail PS4. Landed downside up user account Control window prompts you to clone his old internal with it ps.! To reboot my PS4 to a technician to check the sectors from this collection causing these problems the... The volume size is too big ” came up issue to Miguel here read or recognize USB flash?... Should connect to a PC should eliminate them and restore its original performance of the hard. And recognizing USB storage device with a better drive the whole process again PS4 started showing storage error when. Consider compatibility was on playing and when i load up fortnight and need for speed is hard. Make is to full format for it on YouTube, does the PS4 check. Code CE-36329-3 system software from scratch and try your games again recover from. Feedback for further assistance fix unallocated Seagate external 3TB hard drive or the thermal paste with. The past 7 years with no moving parts on the article to find that my Xbox one not issue. Separate 1 hour+ gaming sessions since the thermal paste, with no problems legends or cod way successful! “ disk Management ” link in the last step, select “ new simple ”...

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